Although I haven't begun sharing my writing publicly yet, I plan to do so one day. 

I've accumulated a few drafts and a collection of thoughts I want to develop and explore in the future.

Most of these ideas are personal insights I have or interesting intersections between presumably unrelated concepts, ranging from nature and philosophy to business and strategy. 

Below are a few examples to give you an idea of what's been on my mind:

  1. Infectious Enthusiasm: Product Evangelism - A great product that people love doesn't need salespeople because its customers become its biggest fans. They excitedly tell others about how good it is, believing it's the best. (Inspired by my experience with buying LifeStraw and backpacing in Peru)
  2. Guided by Nature's Wisdom: River Philosophy- In the wilds of Patagonia, I found myself captivated by the rivers' ceaseless flow. Water seemingly holds no power in directing its own course; instead, it follows the boundaries surrounding it. This led me to wonder - what if our lives could be shaped like flowing waters? Are we responsible for setting up those guardrails that dictate where we want our currents to lead us?
  3. Catching the Perfect Wave: Applying Surfing Wisdom to Red and Blue Ocean Markets- In the world of surfing, the concepts of blue and red oceans come to life. Picture this: a crowded area filled with surfers, all attracted by the same good waves. This is the 'red ocean.' It's dominated by experts who skillfully navigate these sought-after waves. On the other hand, there are 'blue oceans,' areas where wave quality may not be as high but are far less populated with surfers. 


If any of these concepts spark your interest, feel free to subscribe to my upcoming newsletter. I plan to share more of these thoughts and reflections, potentially even on a weekly basis, in the future.